Enterprise Alert
Empowering operations teams to effectively respond to unexpected incidents
With the current acceleration of Digital Transformation, there is a surge in enterprises exploring new technologies which adhere to the new norm of working anywhere without compromising their competitive advantages. Availability of business services and critical information for decision making or remediation anywhere, anytime has become even more crucial than before.
We have observed our customers in the Europe and US region across various industries have successfully embarked on the technology supporting IT, OT and IoT that allows their staffs to have the following capabilities:

  • Real-time information & critical alerts on your fingertips
  • Instant Collaboration On-the-Go, Bringing the Team Together
  • Decision making & remediation anywhere, anytime.
  • Extensive integration with wide range of IT/OT applications to create human-less/closed-loop processes
Enterprise alerting software automates alerting processes and enables a fast, reliable and effective response to incidents threatening the continuity of services and operations. This is in particular important for 24/7 operated mission-critical systems, IT and OT.
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